Thursday, February 11, 2016


I can see it now.  Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma will deny there are gravity waves as he falls on his ass while making a snowball to prove there is no climate change on planet earth.  You will remember he brought a snowball to his Senate desk to disprove climate change.

The announcement that gravity waves have been detected will mean little to most folks, I'm thinking Trump and Cruz supporters.  But, it is pure science and exciting to see that Einstein's theories have been proven once again.

Another issue of gravity is the continued meltdown of New Mexico's economy.  I happily filled up my Infiniti QX-60 Hybrid yesterday for $1.39 a gallon.  At the same time I fully realized that the state budget was in big trouble since our legislature has always depended on fossil fuel revenues to run state government.  The anti government GOP spends a lot of time bitching about the good solid well paying federal jobs at our national labs, military bases and such.  They think it is too big a part of our economy.  but it doesn't disappear over night causing whole regions of the state to turn into our own version of Appalachia. 

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Bubba Muntzer said...

I wish Democrats were making political hay out of things like the economy, our vice like grip on the bottom rung of all the "worst of" lists and a state government that looks like it's run by the Three Stooges. Martin Heinrich demonstrated how easy it is to access the media yesterday by getting an op-ed piece published in the Albuquerque Journal. If he and the rest of our elected Democrats, federal, state and local, would simply use the power they've been handed to agitate for things that put money in working peoples' pockets the New Mexico economy would quickly take off.

I also get around town with my hybrid!