Saturday, February 20, 2016


Greg Fouratt has been appointed a Federal Magistrate in the southern Federal Judicial District.  He had the support of a majority of Judges in that area.  I would assume all GOP appointed Judges voted for him.   Fouratt was the Public Safety Chief for our right wing Governor.  He pretty much followed her line on most things he did while working for the state.  Now we have him in this important position where he will need to be a mediator and facilitator.  Can he do it?  Time will tell.  One thing is certain, our Congressional delegation didn't know about this until they read a news release from, The Governor's Office!  Or so I am told.  Not even a courtesy call.

Some in the media say the concluded legislative session got some work done.  They did.  A new plan for deck chairs on the Titanic.  The really big issues were totally ignored.  Economic development being one glaring example.

Credit should go to KRQE News.  They did a pretty good job of covering important issues in the session.  Alex Goldsmith did a great story on the silly and corrupt way we dole out Bond money.  It was as good a story I have ever seen on a complex issue.  Of course, after this a silly story on a stolen lawn ornament got just as much time.  Bipolar News Direction?

We are headed for a Mexican Beach for a few days.  Given El Nino's forecast for a harsh winter we thought February was good timing.  Now we have shirt sleeve golfing weather here.  We got a notice from our whale watching tour operator in Mexico that our tour was cancelled due to a lack of whales in the warm water from El Nino.  So, just one more Pacifica Cerveza please.


Anonymous said...

If I were Fouratt, I'd abandon the SS Martinez, too, as it rides ever lower in the muddy water (that iceberg she hit will chill a lot of Christmas punch). I also recommend Las Cruces as a good place to hide out. It and El Paso are about as far as they can get from their respective capitals and media centers giving them a bit of extra protection and calm if not actual sanity.

Anonymous said...

Greg Fouratt did the bidding and dirty work for Governor Martinez and Mayor Berry when he intentionally mislead two legislative committees on the "double dipping" legislation and when he testified there was a "state wide" staffing shortage of sworn officers and within the Department of Public Safety. Your blog posted a letter on Public Safety Department letter head with his name on it sent in response to an IPRA request that said that the State Police is at 100% staffing levels, yet Fourratt disputed it. Also a survey of municipalities and counties shows a huge majority of law enforcement agencies are at 95% to 100% staffing levels.

Greg Fouratt, even when he was US Attorney, has always been a Republican political operative and the darling of the Republican Federal Judges which explains why he got the Federal Court's appointment for an 8 year term contract as a US Magistrate Judge. The appointment is not like a Federal District Judge who is nominated by the President with names submitted by US Senators. US Magistrates are appointed by the Federal Judges.

Greg Fouratt showed what a political hack he is when he was US Attorney and an operative for the Republican Party when he went after Governor Bill Richardson for "pay to play" with a vengeance. When Greg Fouratt did not find anything, and when he was told as much by the Justice Department in Washington, he threw a little fit and went ahead an issued a letter to disparage Richardson's reputation by giving his opinion that although nothing illegal was found, Richardson still corrupted the process.

Greg Fouratt is totally incapable of being fair and impartial and incapable of setting aside his political philosophy and will be a disaster as a magistrate.

Anonymous said...

Gregg FOURETT is a water carrying idiot.

Bubba Muntzer said...

My dream

My reality

Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Stephen French is now on the NM court of appeals. Gov. Martinez appointed him to the bench shortly at the end of the legislative session. She timed it perfectly. Mr. French has had some memorable times as an attorney for Mark McCracken, a deputy under then-Sheriff Darren White, who was charged with staging his wife's death. Mr. French also represented the City of Albuquerque against the Han Family and demanded the Han Family pay the City over $100 thousand in attorney fees. He walked away with $5,000 and no word from the City about how much they paid this man to harass the Han Family for a total of $5,000.

Mr. French also had a law partnership with Kent Walz's brother, Jerry. Kent of course is the editor of the Albuquerque Journal. Jerry Walz has a very lucrative contract with the state risk management department. Mr. French has never held judicial office before unlike his contender, Ned Fuller.

Strange days in New Mexico and just getting worse.

10,000 people applied for a job at the new restaurant in Albuquerque called The Cheesecake Factory. 10,000 people out of work and competing for a minimum wage job in a restaurant.

Let that sink in folks.