Wednesday, February 17, 2016


The GOP must be doing some polling on their attempts to stonewall Obama on the replacement for the Supreme Court.  There are cracks appearing in the solidarity of trying to deny a sitting President's Constitutional responsibility to make such an appointment.

While one could decry the GOP Senators for blinking, I have to say they are being pragmatic about the damage it could do their brand in November.  And that is probably what the polls are showing.

So why can't our New Mexico Legislature be as pragmatic?  The GOP legislators crime all the time approach to the current session isn't leaving a good impression amongst the voters.  Neither is the Democratic leadership in the Senate stopping all GOP bills, such as Ethics Reform, in the labyrinth of their committees.  Both sides should commission a poll or two to see just how the public in general is perceiving their performance.  I am sure Brian Sanderoff could squeeze such a  question into any upcoming state wide surveys he is conducting.  And a question or  two on Governor Susana's performance in the wake of the pizza party would be in order too.

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