Tuesday, February 09, 2016


All of those Behavioral Health Firms that were run out of business or otherwise extorted by Governor Susana have now been cleared of any misdeeds by the Attorney General Hector Balderas.  It makes the governor look like the nasty prosecutorial person she is.  In this case a lot of people lost services who really needed them, all so the Governor could  try and make Bill Richardson look bad for funding these groups.  We probably haven't heard the last of this yet.  Courtrooms will be filled with lawsuits for some time to come.

The Hillary people are getting very nasty on Bernie Sanders, because he isn't a woman?  Former Secretary of State Madeliene Albright and Feminist Gloria Steinem are berating women voters for not supporting Hillary.  If you follow their logic many New Mexicans would be put down for not supporting Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio because they are Latino.  This is pathetic.


Anonymous said...

and that's not to mention all the NEW MEXICO RESIDENTS who worked in the behavioral health field before Texas SUZY came who had to leave the state to earn a decent income. can you imagine being a social worker, counselor or other worker in this field??????

you go in knowing you're not in that biz for the money! so you earn less annually than cops, attorneys, etc. and NOW because of SUZY'S LIES you have to leave the state to go earn an income. of course you haven't had the $100,000+ salary that you would have if you had chosen another field, or if you bury your nose in Berry BOOTY (DARREN WHITE) NOW, the allegations are false!! surprise surprise!!


Donald F Schiff said...

When Hillary is threatened, she gets mean and nasty. That could be her downfall; she reminds us why we just don't like her.