Thursday, February 18, 2016

Zombies in Santa Fe

They just keep coming back.  They bump into walls and stagger around looking for brains.....brains......and then they go home because there is no one in charge to tell them what to do.  For example the legislature has failed to act on securing tax credits for the Solar industry.  But, at last check there are still plenty of subsidies for the oil and gas boys.  How does that make sense?  Only Zombies could do such a mindless thing, right?

And where is the head Zombie on the 4th floor of the Capitol Building?  Is she in rehab, or preparing for rehab from holiday pizza parties, because she has been invisible during this wasted and sad 30 days in Santa Fe.  We are in an emergency life support existence and she is no where to be found.

I have watched the workings in Santa Fe for over four decades.  Honestly, I have never seen  any Governor or Legislative body fail the citizens as much as this current group.  Sure, individually there are some good decent lawmakers, but there is no compelling leader trying to muster up some bipartisan effort at giving some CPR to our economy in the Land of Enchantment.  What happens next? 

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Anonymous said...

Well our worthless do nothing Gov. has left the building and hopped on a plane to fund-raise for the Repubs. This state and the people in it don't matter to her. This was just a pit stop in her quest to be the VP. Unfortunately for her, they were just using her the same way she used this state.