Tuesday, October 10, 2006

He Actually Said It

My opponent actually said that Environmental Watchdog Agencies had no business on state trust land because the only concern of the Land Office should be to make money. This was taped for broadcast on Roswell Cable TV and I will get a copy of the full statement and post it here.

Other than that, it was a civil evening in Roswell. I am told by some of the Democrats here that the Republican Party is in disarray. They say the moderates are fed up with the neo cons. Tonights events at the First Baptist Church seem to bear that out. There were candidates there, but no support apparatus. The Democrats had a loaded down table of signs, literature, bumper stickers and pins. The Republican table had nothing. The Democratic County Chair, Tom Jennings and his vice chair were in attendance, but so far as I could tell no Republican party officials were there. This all indicates to me a suppressed republican party turn out on November 11th.

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