Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Travel to the Oil Patch

I went into the oil patch today in Chaves and Eddy county to do media interviews. There seems not to be a lot of interest down here in the upcoming election. It may be that there are no good local races that are competitive and most folks down here think the Governor and Senator Bingaman are a lock. It will be interesting to see what the turn out might actually be down here.

We will do a candidate forum in Roswell tonight and then travel Highway 70 to Las Cruces tomorrow for a half hour TV show.


Grand Negus said...

I predict that due to the nature of this election, no real strong GOP candidates state wide, Jim Baca will win with more than a 5% point margin. If the GOP doesn't come out in little Texas, it will benifit Jim Baca. AND, that is not the case in the north. Democrats are energized, regardless of the nature of the races. We have been snookered by the GOP, including Lyons. Governor Richardsons "get the vote out will benifit Democrats. You have our 2 votes this year.

Rodney said...

I hope you got some photos of all that "environmentally friendly" oil and gas development in the area.