Monday, October 02, 2006

Moon Mountain One Sided Debate and Oil and Gas One Sided Debate

Monday was one of those days where you just couldn't be in two places at once. I had told the Ruidoso Federated Women's Club that I would attend their debate on Monday morning at 9:30am. This appointment was made a couple of months ago. I was also asked to attend the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association annual meeting in Santa Fe. I have attended that many times in the past when I was either running for Land Commissioner or serving in the post.

I opted for Ruidoso because Pat Lyons had agreed to be there and we could go head to head on the Moon Mountain controversy. So, I ran down to Ruidoso instead of going to Santa Fe. It was a totally one sided debate in Ruidoso before about 60 people. Pat Lyons didn't show up. He was in Santa Fe at the NMOGA meeting before 60 people, where I didn't show up, but only after calling them two weeks ago and telling them I couldn't make it. My campaign manager Mike Davis did go to Santa Fe for me. The Ruidoso folks were surprised that Lyons didn't appear since he said he would be there. When it was announced I wouldn't appear in front of NMOGA there were applause. Ouch! Well, here is my pledge. If I am elected, I will work fairly and evenhandedly with anyone who does business with the Land Office.

For the record, I have received no campaign contributions from oil and gas and my opponent has recieved around $500,000 more or less. We will soon know exactly how much since the next reporting date for contributors to state wide races is next Monday.

Apparently Pat Lyons and John Dendahl both reiterated big time support for drilling in Otero Mesa, and surprisingly, Valle Vidal. Lyons supported drilling in Valle Vidal by saying that Ted Turner's ranch had been drilled and it didn't look so bad. Ted didn't own the mineral rights there. Ted Turner sent me a $2000 check today. How is that for timing?

Apparently at the end of the NMOGA session the moderator asked all assembled to donate money to my opponent and to Heather Wilson. No surprises there.


Anonymous said...

four peas in a pod--Lyons, Wilson, Bush (43), and Cheney--to heck with the environment, onward with the oil and gas contributors---Maybe Wilson and Lyons should start campaigning together to try to bolster thier mutually diminishing prospects of being elected

Anonymous said...

A picture is worth a thousand words.