Thursday, October 05, 2006

Things To Do

This has been a busy day.

1. Candidate forum with my opponent. He says disabled students will suffer because I want to protect state lands. (I denied it.)

2. KOB-TV taping of Eye on New Mexcio with my opponent. He says I will put radical environmentalism in front of the well being of children, teachers, their parents and the state economy.(in that order, I denied it) You should really watch this show if you want to see the clear differences between my opponent and me. It will air at 10AM this Sunday morning. It was a lot more fun for me I think.

3. Interview with Taos News from my cell phone driving to Santa Fe. Yes, I have a handsfree device. I talked about my platform for change at the Land Office.

4. Interview with KKOB Radio's Art Ortega for 15 minute taped show. It was mainly me talking in five minute spurts from my cell phone in the House of Representatives Chambers in the state Capitol

5. Interview with endorsement board of the Santa Fe Reporter. I had to defend my self against charges by my opponent that I was guilty of radical environmentalism. They had a pop quiz for me and I think I answered most of the questions correctly.

6. Fundraiser at Senator Dede Feldman's house. She lives right around the corner from us so it wont require a long drive.

The rest of the month will be like this, or worse in the terms of hectic schedules. Just expect to hear anything about me from the Karl Rove inspired campaign team of my opponent.

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