Wednesday, January 09, 2008


A friend of mine left me an email last night saying I should eat crow for predicting that Hillary Clinton was probably toast. After last nights shaming of pollsters and Hillary's 6500 vote margin I am not yet willing to eat the crow. Don't forget just a few weeks ago Obama was 20% behind Hillary, so I am not so sure he is a big loser. We are all surprised at this however, mainly because the pollsters really did blow it this time. It is unusual.

If Obama had won by a thousand votes last night he would have been declared the winner for the nomination by just about everyone. Stop and think about that. A 7000 vote swing in a small and non diverse state gets all of us pundits saying something different. The Zogby poll guy says that Iowa proved that Clinton wasn't the anointed and New Hampshire said folks weren't full out ready for Obama. Kicking the tires I guess!

Now, we all watch to see what Governor Richardson will do. What ever he does I think he has done New Mexico a lot of good by making this run.

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NewMexiKen said...

I love the guv, so don't get me wrong, but how has his running helped New Mexico exactly? Schools better? DUIs lessened? Red light cameras gone? New mayor for Albuquerque? (OK that was gratuitous.)

But I'm missing the "lot of good" somehow.