Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Political Wisdoms

Most everyone I have spoken with over the last few days are really jacked up over the Iowa and New Hampshire votes. The main theme seems to be that Hillary Clinton is toast. I tend to agree with that but I am not making other predictions on the finality of Barrack Obama's campaign yet. I think he could go all the way, much as the young upstart John Kennedy did in 1960. Kennedy had legions of young people excited about the possibilities of politics back then. He was relatively inexperienced too, and it showed once he was elected when he gave the go ahead to the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba. But, he learned quickly as I am sure Obama would do.

On the Republican side my friends really don't have any opinions on who may carry the nomination. Most of them simply don't care to waste time on figuring that one out. Most say it doesn't matter anyway since this country just won't go with the GOP. I think that is probably true, but just about anything can happen to 'sure things' as Hillary has discovered.

On another issue, I had to chuckle this morning when I saw that Sherman McCorkle's PR machine, Technology Ventures Corp., had laid off most of its employees. McCorkle always put his picture in the paper in full page ads with money from that group about some new award he had received for his great work in business development. This stalwart group of conservative business folks were receiving most of their budget from the Federal government while at the same time deriding the government for other subsidies to poor people and groups. He supposedly got a lot of support from Lockheed-Martin, a large defense contractor who acted as a conduit for much of the money. I guess since the Feds don't want to give money any more they feel their support isn't needed either.(They have made lots of war profits by the way.) I think McCorkle's gravy train has dried up now that Senator Pete Domenici will be leaving Washington.

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