Monday, January 28, 2008

Misc Gridlock

Hidden amongst the headlines today is the fact that five more Americans died in Bagdad yesterday. That gets trumped by the Screen Actors Guild awards, Kennedy’s endorsement of Obama(Hooray), and the Paseo del Norte sink hole.

I want to see the candidates start talking about Iraq again. I sense the American public needs to hear about it as I noticed today that the chances for retaining a Democratic congress is becoming questionable. The Democrats are losing ground according to many polls and that may be a result of not standing up to bush and cheney and their whole Iraq strategy and plans for permanent American presence there. Gridlock!

Also, one has to chuckle what one sinkhole can do the movement of traffic around the city and county. My wife Bobbi works over in Journal Center and we had a discussion over coffee early this morning about how she might best miss the chaos caused by the closing of this one road. Now I see the Sheriff is saying he will help the Albuquerque Police Department manage the gridlock in the next few commutes. Darren White, the republicans great hope for retaining the Congressional District held by Heather Wilson, war supporter, is strangely opening himself up for criticism. I can assure him no one will appreciate his efforts after sitting in traffic for a few hours.

There is no doubt that any western city is just as vulnerable to traffic and economic shutdowns caused by a few road closures. I have always thought it would be easy for 20 protesters to close down all of Albuquerque’s commute. Whenever anyone wants to perform a public suicide attempt and jump off an overpass you can witness what happens. There must be a better way.

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