Monday, January 14, 2008


So this Olympic athlete gets six months in prison for taking steroids and lying about it while bush and cheney who lied to the American people about the reasons for going to war in Iraq are still in power. This is the kind of thing that makes many of us think there really is no justice. The athlete’s actions didn’t kill tens of thousands of people.

I was really surprised to see Lt. Governor Diane Denish endorse Hillary Clinton today. That kind of flys in the face of politics when you are thinking about running for Governor. There are many folks out there who will resent it, but I admire her for taking a stand. I may not agree with her endorsement at this point because I still cant get over Hillary voting for the war.

I actually thought Marty Chavez would be endorsing Hillary by now. He might want to be looking for a job in a couple of years. I think Marty will have a lot of explaining to do about his ABQ PAC scandal. No one really looked into that matter in a diligent way but you can be assured that the FBI will be all over it before any job that requires Senate confirmation is approved.

The Governor’s announcement today that Schott Solar of Germany will build a new solar component manufacturing plant at Mesa Del Sol is great news. They will situate near Advent Solar which is fabricating solar panels. I still wonder what ever happened to the world’s largest solar development that Land Commissioner Pat Lyons suckered the press with right before the election in 2006. He was in cahoots with convicted felons on that one and the press never really followed up on it. Sad.

I don't know about the rest of you but I am tired of this cold weather.


I, Robot said...

Hillary and others voted to invade.

I'm being pedantic, perhaps, but if we called it an invasion instead of just a war, it wouldn't sound quite so palatable, would it? ;-)

WilliamHenryMee said...

I, Robot--yes semantics are everything in the political realm.

It was a "preemptive invasion" and a subsequent six year "occupation" of Iraq.

I saw a replay of an amazing television program by PBS called the “The People’s Century” Episode: “Guerilla Wars”-----that really brings a realism to our situation in Iraq---maybe even more so than our comparisons to Vietnam.

It is a TV program about the Soviet Union’s preemptive invasion and subsequent ten year occupation of Afghanistan. A country with a much larger military, slightly larger in population, with more natural resources and smaller in economy than the United States. Here we are in recession after just six years—wait until ten years of Iraq occupation!!!!!!!

The chilling part of this all is Senator John McCain’s comment to a question about us staying in Iraq for 50 years and his retort that it might be more like 100 years and he would back that occupation. The 63 years comes from our occupation of Japan and Germany and the 50 years for Korea.

100 years if you fast forward it would leave us like a busted up Soviet Union with rich states like Texas seceding from the union and everyone in a depression.