Sunday, January 06, 2008

Listening---Not Strong Arming

I had to go to Santa Fe on Friday and attend a budget meeting in the Governor's office. On the way out of the capitol I was waylaid by a Hillary Clinton functionary insisting that I switch to Hillary once Bill Richardson left the race. (That might be some time off) This person peered into my eyes and made it look like I would be a fool if I didn't do so. Well, I can say honestly that if Hillary Clinton is the nominee I will support her totally, but I may not be supporting her immediately if Bill ends his heroic campaign. Edwards and Obama look refreshing.

I watched Hillary's speech after her surprisingly poor performance in Iowa. On the stage with her was the same old gang. Madeliene Albright, Wes Clark(who I like), and other former Clinton functionaries. Hillary's speech was uninspiring at best. I then watched Obama do his thing. No one is going to out speechify him. Lots of people I don't know were standing with him. And I decided that Edwards or Obama would be much more likely to listen to people than Hillary. New people with new ideas are always good. At the same time I do worry sometimes that Obama might be 'all hat/no horse.' That is a valid worry for all of us, but I think Obama must be a good listener since he had to take advice on how to win Iowa.

I know that as a politician that I should have listened more on many occasions. Things would have been calmer for me, for sure. And so I know first hand that we don't need someone like bush who never listened to anyone but his dad's old appointees. Old ideas there, and dangerous ones as we have all found out.

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