Sunday, January 27, 2008


Just as my friend foresaw yesterday, the pundits and media are saying that Obama has to get more of the white vote in order to win. Didn't he win Iowa which is 93% white and come close in New Hampshire which is also 93% white? Also, his victory in South Carolina is staggering and that means a lot of white voters there voted for him too.

At the Starbuck's Sunday morning gathering today everyone we talked to was an Obama supporter. Essentially they mostly say they just are tired of the DC BS they have been getting for so long. There doesn't seem to be a lot of one issue stuff.

I am worried that like most Presidential candidates Obama knows zero about the West's big issues surrounding public lands and water.. He will need a good transition team to help set the course. Also, a western Governor like Bill Richardson as his VP would really help since he throughly understands this stuff.

One of my buddies would warn Obama, after watching him last night give his long victory speech, that he sometimes borders on "professorial arrogance". Still, he will vote for him.


WilliamHenryMee said...

Jim-these are some insightful points which come from your own campaign experiences.

Coming in from the Senate, Obama may be best influenced by our own Jeff Bingamin. Bill Clinton was heavily influenced by Bruce King when they were both four term governors in the Governor's Association. New Mexico's interests faired well. Bill was entranced by Native Americans and the plight of their poverty. In several speeches he compares the Navajo Nation's issues as being worse than the poverty in Appalachia.

Bill also had a taste for our Chile and came to eat. Maybe Obama has some favorite foods?????

KathyF said...

Jim, having worked on a couple of progressive campaigns there in NM, I never felt like voters there were too friendly to progressives (with some exceptions). Do you think things have changed in the last few years?

I really hope so, but there seem to be a lot of status quo Dems who turn out to vote.