Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ted for Barack in the Valley

I took a couple hours of annual leave this morning to go by the Obama for President Rally with Senator Ted Kennedy. This was a standing room only crowd with some people spilling into the hallways at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.

Former Attorney General Patsy Madrid and husband Mike Messina, who were big John Edwards supporters in New Mexico have now come over to the Obama Campaign.

One of the things that Kennedy said that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside was, “One year from now george bush will not be President.” That is a wonderful thing when you think about it.

It is hard for a lot of us old politicos to get a good feel for what will happen next Tuesday when so many states vote in primaries and caucuses. I am not really sure who comes out on top. Once again, Hillary Clinton’s organization is superb but at the same time Obama’s undercurrent of rising support is there. He raised $32 million in the last month.

One thing is for sure, this actually wont be decided until later in the year. That means plenty of time for folks to sign up to help.

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