Friday, January 04, 2008


I do think it is momentous that Iowa, 92% white, gave a victory Barrack Obama. It is a message that may well carry over in many other places that the country can't just be run by old white guys anymore. I had originally thought that Edwards could win Iowa but a tie for third is respectable. I think Hillary Cllinton's campaign is in big trouble.

Bill Richardson is indefatigable. He was on a plane for New Hampshire before the bars closed in Iowa. He actually got about 10% of the caucus goers voting for him but because of the weirdness of the formulas he didn't show it when the delegates were distributed. He is right to go on and work hard through Super Tuesday. The fund raising will be harder but he has fought that all along. His performance in the debate this week is crucial. I would advise Bill to get a day of rest before that one.

Four weeks from now things will really gel. During that time I think Obama must show he is substantial on foreign policy. We know he stands for change and I hope he will map out what that means, if the media will carry the message for him. Maybe the will, but don't hold your breath.

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