Thursday, January 03, 2008

Home Again

I got back home New Years day from the freezing mid west. I know there must be nice weather in Iowa at some time during the year. I talked with a lot of folks this morning early in Iowa and spoke with some Sierra Club Chapter members who returned my calls from last week. They are all commiserating over the bone chilling cold. They all seem to be getting weary and I think tonight's caucus tallies will end this madness where 150,000 Democrats get to pick a 'winner' for the rest of us. Still, those who are involved in the Iowa caucuses seem to be really nice people. But they are a minority of the population which mostly is indifferent.

This is so sad. I had a good friend who was observing the election in Kenya. He left shortly after the process was finished. It is sad to see Kenya now melting down over the election. One thing we should admit is they are more invested in politics in that third world country than we seem to be.

I got a note from my sister Carlota last night just before she boarded a flight back from Uganda to the U.S. She had been up to Kenya for a day or so before the election and was really saddened to see what transpired afterward. She is pessimistic about many African countries being able to pull it together any time soon. She thinks the only victories that might be had for people there are small ones, such as contributing to AIDS programs and orphanages that will educate their kids.

On a final note today, I want to express my admiration for Governor Bill Richardson and his hard fought campaign for President. What ever transpires in Iowa tonight, no one can say he didn't give his total energy to the last year's campaign. He is relentless and tireless. I know something good will come out of it for him.

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phat-chance said...

"I know something good will come out of it for him."

I'm almost more excited to find out what that 'good thing' will be than I am to find out how he does in the Iowa caucuses.

(aside... having detassled corn in Iowa for spending money and been a dogbody for an elderly retired woman in Mt. Pleasant, I can report they have reasonably long and pleasant summers.)