Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Slow Burn

After spending my lunch hour reading the cover story in the New York Times Magazine from Sunday I had to convert my anger to a slow burn over just how imbecilic the bush administration has been over the last 7 years. I really hope everyone can read this. It is long and takes concentration but you will be near tears at the end. The one inspiring thing in the last page is author Parag Khanna’s call for the formation of an American ‘Diplomatic/Industrial Complex’. That is a conspiracy I could support.

Every young person should especially read this so that they will understand the kind of world we are now facing, a world where the United States may well be a bystander instead of an influential superpower.

I am convinced more than ever after reading this that Barack Obama is the one that can make things right. I still can’t forget that Hillary Clinton voted to invade Iraq.

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