Monday, March 03, 2008

Just Wondering

I spent most of the weekend puttering around the house. Bobbi and I did a little yard work on a nice spring Saturday and then we hunkered down to a wintry and blustery Sunday. It was a nice day to read and wonder.

1. Why does a U.S. Marine and Iraq veteran who chases down a thief and kills him get the support of the community for clemency from the Governor when two Hispanic men who did the same thing spend long years in prison? (I am sure they all overstepped the law, but is prison really the only answer? How about two years working in a Veterans hospital?)

2. Why does Hillary Clinton keep saying that experience is so important for a President when her long years of experience have resulted in one of the worst run campaigns in memory?

3. Why is the renewable energy industry being denied tax breaks while the Senate continues to delay on doing away with $17 billion dollars in tax credits for the oil and gas industry which is seeing record profits?

4. Why are banks and lenders raising interest rates on student loans while (again) the oil and gas industry gets tax subsidies from all of us? (I think Senator Pete Domenici and his pals could answer this question.)

5. Why is Barack Obama dressed in native clothing (a turban) more ominous than bush dressed in native clothing(Chinese)?

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Prabhu said...

People used to see the turban for what it was, which was a sign of dignity and values.
Now they think it's associated with Terrorism. Almost every turban wearing American is actually a Sikh. Sikhs are peaceful people and yet a few Sikhs have been killed in hate crimes after 9/11.
One thing that Sikhs know is that people's caliber can really shine through when the way a person dresses causes another person to treat them as less than human.
This thing with Obama just shows to the turban wearing Americans like myself that this country still has a lot of bigotry and ignorance about culture and religion and the media certainly fuels it.