Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bad to Worse

Things really are going in the crapper. Lines of people waiting to get their money out of failing banks is somewhat scary to me. Afghanistan blowing up because we took our eye off of it to wage bush's war in Iraq. This country's leadership in the White House doing absolutely nothing on climate change.

All this made me think of a silly idea. It is just three and half months until this country elects a new President and Congress. It is five and a half months until they take office. Seeing as things are going so badly wouldn't it be great if bush would just resign along with his VP and cabinet the day after the election?. That would give us an extra 11 weeks to try and sort things out and put this country on the right track.

Okay, this is silly but my point is there is absolutely no time to waste on setting things right. Things can get progressively worse in a very short amount of time as events snowball downhill. Every day counts.

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