Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wing Nuts Hone Knives

I got a call from a polling organization on Wednesday night. It was a political poll and after ten minutes into the poll it became obvious that it was a Republican right wing "push poll" being done for none other than our rooster chasing Republican Congressional Sheriff Darren White.(bush loves him and he loves bush.) The 'push poll' sounds legitimate for the first ten minutes and then the zinger comes. All sorts of negative statements about Democrat Martin Heinrich. They test these statements to see if they would be a good lie to put on a TV Commercial.

Here is what you might see on TV in September. Martin Heinrich has never held a full time job. That is false. Martin Heinrich tried to get a $300 million dollar Trolley car just for his city council district when he served as city councilor. That is false.

Well, you get the picture. This is what we are in for as the right wing crazies try to keep power in this country. One thing we know for sure is that this sometimes works and Heinrich really needs to shoot back with both barrels.

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