Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Justin and Friends Save the World

Our son Justin graduated with his Master Degree in Public Administration from Syracuse University this week.  He talked often about a class in climate change studies.  Now, it will be up to him and his bright young friends to fix our energy, environment and climate woes by working for sensible policy in this country.  It will be a great boost to them that a new administration will be in place in six months.

Justin has accepted a job in Washington, DC with the Solar Energy Industries Association.  Justin has made a great landing in the right place.  He and his wife Karly, also a holder of a Masters degree in Social Work will be moving from Syracuse to the DC area in a few weeks.


annie said...

Congrats, Justin, and welcome! Make sure he joins the MPA-ers on Facebook!

When I did my MPA (MPA-ESP, Columbia 06) I kept thinking what an amazing education it was, and how great our government could be if we demanded this as experience from our politicians? Why do we want the president to be a lawyer, for example, when he could have an educational background in policy and bureaucracy?

It's like my program's founder (Steve Cohen) wrote in one of his many books I had to read: "Bureaucracy is how governments get work done." If you look at every major recent gov't disaster from Katrina to Iraq to the public school system and you see at its roots a failure to respect and use bureaucracy and its basic Weberian foundation. We have a sudden plethora of those K-School management case studies on failures. Gone is the day when bureaucratic leaders are dismissed. Instead, public management is how governments do cool, big government-led things for the sake of--not the profit but a different unit of currency--the public good.

Daniel R. Patterson said...

Congrats, Justin.

Daniel Patterson