Thursday, July 03, 2008

Red Meat

Bobbi took one look at my face this morning and said it looked like I had smallpox. I would describe it more as a finely marbled steak. My skin treatments to eradicate pre-cancers are kicking in big time. I feel like if I sneeze my whole face will end up on the floor. So if you see me, don't run away but do cover your children's eyes.

Speaking of red meat, I think there may be some available to use against republican Senate candidate Steve Pearce, New Mexico's own version of Atilla the Hun. Pearce's philosophy of pillage is right up there with Atilla's, although Pearce isn't bringing any lasting cultural progress as Atilla actually did.

Pearce is insisting that more lands be made available for leasing for oil and gas. Now remember, there are already 35 million acres of public land that are already leased in the Western U.S. but have never been developed.(Does Pearce have any interests in these leases?) So, what is going on here. Simple really, its greed. Just like bush's friends in the oil industry getting leases in Iraq over the deaths of so many young Americans and Iraqi citizens. Just six more months of these people running things. Can we outlast them?

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