Monday, July 28, 2008


So, isn't it a little counter intuitive to close down lanes on both Alemeda and Paseo del Norte at the same time? This is the kind of thing that used to drive me crazy when I was Mayor. The engineers and schedulers in the Public Works Department may always have some good logic behind plans like these, but such logic rarely works in the real world.

Now apparently there are not enough bike racks on city buses. That probably is a good sign that more people are taking time off from cars to commute. This lack of racks won't be to easy to solve but I bet someone, somewhere in the world has figured it out.

Speaking of bikes, I am an avid walker on the trails along the bosque. Five or six time a week I am out there with the Beagles. I have noticed a lot more bike traffic on the bike trail and I stay off of it with the dogs as much as possible. The trail is narrow and needs some work and widening. Usually I will walk the dogs along side the trail on the road along the ditches but they are beginning to sprout goat head weeds at an alarming rate. That will force legions of dog walkers back onto the paved trail. The city sprays the goat heads along side the pavement, but the MRGCD does not spray them along the road. The other day I saw one guy walking five dogs kicking the little immature weeds out of the soil, but with in a week the roots sent up new shoots. So it causes congestion on the paved trail as those little painful stickers mature in August. If those folks and board members at the MRGCD would stop suing each other and spend just a little effort at fixing this problem I would feel the $500 a year I pay to them as a taxpayer that doesn't use irrigation water would be easier to handle.

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Bosque Bill said...

Don't know if we can blame the city for timing problems with the Alameda Blvd resurfacing. Isn't that a state highway in unincorporated Bernalillo County? Still it is a major pain.

Goatheads are becoming rampant in the county maintained sections of the Bosque Recreation Trail, AKA, the Bikeway. The rains have created a growth spurt and the weeds are climbing up onto the pavement. I've reported it to the county; we'll see if that works.