Thursday, July 31, 2008

MRGCD Deconstruction

The Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District, which I served as General Manager for a year back in the late 1980's just stuck a stick in the eye of its constituents. After three years of work on planning to systematically build a trail system along its ditches it pulled out of the agreement with other governmental agencies. They only reason I can see in the action is one of arrogance.

I did a little research on the Bernalillo County website yesterday to see how much taxes my north valley neighborhood pays to the MRGCD. Our 320 homes in the Thomas Village/Meadows on Rio Grande pay approximately $150,000 to the irrigation district and we receive absolutely no services other than some questionable drainage and flood protection. In fact, I wish some enterprising reporter would go start some research on what portion of the District's budget the non irrigators are paying. I will bet it is 75%. You would think that those irrigation canals that run through the urban areas could be spruced up a bit and then improved as trails. But no, the Board told everyone to take a hike. There attitude is, "Give us your money and leave us alone."

Every one of those board members should be voted out of office and replaced with more imaginative and cooperative members. Most of the senior staff, who control the board with favors, should also go out the door.

I know of some legislators this morning that are upset. They just might be planning a final solution for the District that includes the dissolution of the agency into another more responsible level of government. Maybe the State should take it over and let the legislature carry out the responsibility of the Board. Or maybe the Middle Rio Grande Council of Governments along with representation of the Tribes could set up a new governance system. The time to act is nearing.

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