Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Vet Plates

This was the scene outside the Rio Grande Blvd. Starbucks today. I have been seeing more and more cars with veterans plates on them, which this truck had, that are showing their intentions.(I didn't want to show the full license to protect the truck owner.) That should infuse a burning sensation in the guts of republicans this fall.

My brother Tom is a retired Army officer and he often gets together with other veterans who were Helicopter pilots in Viet Nam. I listen in. Five years ago they all, except for my brother, were bush supporters. Recently, all they can do when bush comes up in conversation is shake their heads, look at their shoes and then change the subject.

My weekend hiking buddy and I were into our three mile walk on Saturday when we decided to try and think of one thing that bush/cheney did right. I couldn't think of anything and my friend thought they did fine for the first six months after 9-11. Then it all went bad and stayed that way.

When you see scenes like the one above you realize it truly is sinking in to the general public. This inset was part of the plate where this Veteran added an additional editorial comment.

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