Wednesday, July 09, 2008

First Polls in CD and Those Oil Guys

The first public poll that I know of has been released showing Martin Heinrich beating that rooster chasing and bush loving opponent of his, Sheriff Darren White. The poll, by the respected firm of Greenburg, Rosner, Quinlan Research shows Martin with a 3% lead at this point in time. That is better than I would have expected this early on.

Meanwhile, the republicans and the oil and gas industry are putting on a full court press saying that more drilling should be allowed everywhere to bring down gas prices. Of course more drilling will not bring down prices because demand worldwide will set the price and demand will always outstrip production in the future, as Texas Oilman turned renewable supporter Boone Pickens knows. Even so, the call for more drilling makes no sense when it is already known that the oil and gas boys have millions of acres of land leased that they have not drilled yet. Maybe they are just trying to lock up supplies to drive up the price even further for their bonus packages.

Yeah, I sound like a conspiracy theorist but that might at least get some traction with the generally uninformed public about how this all works.

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