Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Lame duck Heather Wilson is saying Barrack Obama is 'frighteningly inexperienced.' And yet she is a big supporter of John McCain who thinks that Iraq shares a border with Pakistan. It will be so nice to be rid of this kind of double talk. Of course, we are liable to get it right back again in a couple of years when Wilson will probably run for Governor.

Of course many people right now in this country have no idea where Iraq is on the map, or very many other countries. But it would be nice to have a president who knows where these places are. McCain is old enough that the education he got probably did include geography classes. We all had at least a few years of that along with Civics courses where we were expected to learn about our form of government. Right now, any naturalized citizen knows more about or Democracy and its history than most Americans. It is a wonder.

So, if McCain did take Geography why doesn't he know where country's borders are. Especially when we are in a war in those countries? Has he got a memory problem? Of course he does, just like most of us over the age of 60. But this is one part of the world he should really be knowledgeable about since he wants to keep our troops at war there.


Dr. Know said...

Welcome to the Gonzo World of the intellectually incurious GOP -- and its legions of equally ignorant sycophants and authoritarian followers.


But to be honest, there are so many countries in the world that I can't keep up with them all either -- Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, etc. are not among them, however.

AAMOF, I discovered an interesting new country last night, Seychelles, because I met the niece of Carl B. Stokes, the first black mayor of Cleveland, OH. So I suppose most everyone has room for improvement in the world geography department.

McCain, however, has totally lost it. In his defense, he may have simply forgotten. Bush, on the other hand, is the dumbest silver spoon SOB to ever set foot in 1600 Penn Ave. And yet I am surrounded by people who still consider him a genius. I think it's a relativity thing. No child left behind indeed...

Rodney said...

When John McCain took geography, the Ottoman Empire ruled the middle east.