Thursday, July 17, 2008

White Shows Old

Darren White, the handpicked bush candidate for Congress in Albuquerque, is showing tired old campaign slogans by putting up ads saying, "Its the Gas Stupid." In looking at this approach to winning votes one has to wonder if bush's handlers for White really do think everyone is stupid. We have eight years of stupidity for sure but we all know where that responsibility rests.

Of course, some people will fall for that kind of rhetoric. White wants to drill Alaska's National Wildlife Refuge and other valuable landscapes in the Inter-Mountain west. There are places that are appropriate to drill and places that aren't. He seems to want to go into delicate ecosystems on the basis that it will make gas cheaper. He really does think we are stupid if we take that one for a truth. Maybe he should insist on drilling the 1.2 million acres under lease in our state that have not been drilled and are being held back by big oil.

White is being strung along by his bush mascots and it is sad. He hasn't done a bad job as Sheriff, but now he is showing his real lack of independence by signing on to big oil and the GOP's tired old approach to energy issues.

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