Monday, January 25, 2010

Bric a Brac

I watched the NFL playoffs on Sunday.  The games were enjoyable, except for the asinine behavior of the players beating their chests. doing jive and pointing at opponents and mocking them.  I hate that crap, but we should expect it because our country is often doing it without knowing how bad we look.  I got a good feel for that after attending a lecture on Brazil on Friday afternoon at the Museum of Albuquerque.  It was put on by the Albuquerque International Association.

It is part of a series on what is known as BRIC.  That stands for Brazil, Russia, India and China.  Those four countries are leaving the USA and Europeans in the dust as far as economic development goes. They sometimes do it as the expense of their environment, but they are learning to deal with it.  They are investing in themselves and their infrastructure while America invests in $200,000 missiles to shoot from drones at mud huts in Pakistan and Afghanistan. (Those don't provide any return on investment for sure.)  And unless we do something about it we are going to be a member of the third world economy sooner than later.

I was watching another program this weekend on the construction of the Stone Cutters bridge in Hong Kong.  It is a magnificent structure and is incredibly expensive.  It is the kind of thing we don't do in this country anymore.  Because it won't pay for itself.  Just look at the grousing about the fact the the new Rail Runner doesn't cover its expenses. Well, neither do hell fire missiles and you can only use those once.

The Rail Runner is still a forward looking project and it could wither on the vine because a few whiners and bloggers who may convince the legislature to stop funding it.

I know, I am just doing a Monday morning rant.  but this is real.  It will affect our children.  They are going to have to get angry and take control of this country, and do it real soon.

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