Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Guns and Liquor

So some stark raving mad pol thinks it is good to mix alcohol and pistols.  Yes, a bill will be floated to allow concealed weapon carriers to take their hidden pistols into restaurants with beer and wine licenses.

Who is behind this bill?  Really!  Someone who wants to kill a wine steward for serving corked wine?  Someone who wants to protect a wine steward who serves corked wine?  All of this is obscene!  

I find it amusing to watch the local TV stations making a big deal out of the fact that someone took a loaded pistol into a movie theater.  The recent incident at Century Theaters is nothing new, except for the fact that some guy accidentally discharged his weapon.  I doubt he had a permit.

 People with a little training, under a useless law, can carry concealed weapons into just about any place of business or public place.  Except for the State Legislature that is or the Govnernor's office.  Apparently our gun loving legislators think their safety is more important than your children's in a movie theater or mall.  It really does not matter if  a law makes it legal to do so.  It is stupid.  I would also invite folks to ask whether or not the thousands of weapon carriers we have are keeping up their certifications?  I think not.  Are they still carrying?  Maybe a call to the the New Mexico Department of Public Safety would answer that question.

So the next thing we need to do is distribute signs to all private businesses saying concealed weapons are not allowed on their premises.  Or visible ones too.  Could that be part of the new law?  Do business owners have a right to keep concealed weapons out of their stores and cafes?  I bet the managers at Century 24 Theaters would like to have a choice.  I am betting a lot of them don't want them in their places.

I own guns and I am not against gun ownership.  Just lunacy.

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Rodney said...

I shudder to think what may have occurred at the movie theater had there been a handfull of licensed carriers all to eager to defend themselves against some idiot.