Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Census Games

The ten year census has started.  Quietly.  It will count us and categorize us and possibly shake up politics on a national and local basis.  Some Red states will gain Congressional seats and some Blue states will lose them.  Mostly because so many people move to the southern and western parts of America for better climates and job opportunities.

On local levels there could be big changes in state legislative seats.  But the most interesting changes could hinge on the future of Congressman Harry Teague in southern New Mexico.  If he wins his reelection he will pressure the legislature to not fool around with the alignment of his district.  That includes strong democratic vote areas in Dona Ana, Socorro and Grant Counties.  But if he loses the race to the right wing wanna be again congressman Steve Pearce,  then the democratic legislature could move to make sure that two of the three New Mexico congressional seats are permanently democrat.  How?  They could reapportion the boundaries of the district in such a way that puts Teague's strong Democrat areas into Martin Heinrich's district and they could move the Albuquerque North East Heights voters into a district that includes Hobbs, Carlsbad and other ultra conservative areas.  It could happen and it could pass the straight face test using census data for the reapportionment.

Chew on that for a while.

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Anonymous said...

That's illegal. It's called gerrymandering.