Sunday, January 31, 2010

Leslie Rules and Solar

Leslie Lithicum of the Albuquerque Journal is a jewel.  She had the most heartfelt column this morning on the demise of old Hispanic names that I wish the Journal would run it again.  As the old ones die so do many of the names they carried their whole lives.  I want to add a couple to the list she had this morning.  My great grandfather's name was Esquipula. A great Aunt was named Lucinda.  My aunt 'Pelta' who died in September was born with the name Rupertita.  My father's name was Fermin.  The list could go on as I look at the family tree on the Baca side.  Thank you Leslie for doing this story.

On another note the Journal had a good story on making homes more energy efficient this morning.  There was one glaring mistake in it however that left the impression that Home Owners Associations have approval rights on the placement of photo voltaic systems on roof tops.  They do not have those rights after a law was passed in 2007 that negated all covenants in deeds that prohibited or controlled placement of solar systems on roof tops.  It was the right thing to do since dealing with HOA's can be a real detriment to energy efficiency.  The journal needs to do a story on this one issue so everyone understands it.  The city and state must also try to clarify it.

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Rodney said...

The Journal printed a story in the biz section last week on how PNM plans to build a PV solar installation on the grounds of the Reeve's generating station off of Paseo del Norte. The plans are for 30K panels to produce electricity for 640 average sized homes. That's roughly 47 panels per home. Doesn't that sound like a rather high number of panels per home? Could it be that the inherent inefficiency of localized generation requiring wide area distrubition makes rooftop installation much more reasonable?