Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Saving Us

The Vatican and the Bishops are at it again.  Now, the Vatican is weighing in on the movie "Avatar".  Yes, they think its message is bad.  They opine that it worships nature!  Oh.  Please save us.  Actually, what they dislike is what I did like about the movie.  So much so that we went to see it a second time just to look at the created nature of the movie.  It does send a powerful message about living in harmony with your surroundings.  So how can the bishops be against that?

And then of course the bishops are once again beating up on the state's Gay population.  They have come out against Gay marriage although they are not supportive of a state constitutional amendment to ban it.  As I said in my weekly comments for the New Mexico Independent,

"What is wrong with this picture?  A state constitutional amendment to deny the pursuit of liberty and happiness by a segment  of our citizenry.  All because the people behind this plan think that God, a guy who lives in the clouds with long flowing hair and robes, thinks it should be that way?  If we let this happen then what is next?  Denying women the vote?

This kind of constitutional amendment should promptly be killed in its first committee hearing and relegated to the trash heap of bigotry."

Many people think the Pope dresses kind of Gay.  But I am proud of the work the church is doing with Catholic Relief Services in Haiti.

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