Friday, January 22, 2010

Trial by Camera

There are a couple of lawyers in town who really work the media system.  One is Sam Bregman.  You always see  him on TV as he argues his cases outside the court room.  The TV stations are always obliging.  The other lawyer who is good at this is Victor Marshall. He is suing the state for his whistle blower client Frank Foy.  Victor knows how to work the media too.  He was Channel 7's lawyer for many years.  In the middle of his protracted legal proceedings on this case he takes time out to get his client Frank Foy in front of a legislative committee and summoned TV cameras and reporters in Santa Fe to complain about the Governor.  Everyone in the media piles on the story and once again a prospective jury pool listens to accusations outside the court room while a judicial process is in ongoing.

I am not saying that Foy and Marshall shouldn't get to the bottom of this issue.  I hope they find out one way or another what, if anything, led to the firing of Foy from his investment managing job with the state.  However, these dramatic appearances and news conferences will have an effect on a jury pool.  The aim is certainly one that will hopefully increase any cash award to Foy.

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