Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Letter to the Kids

I want to send a letter to my kids suggesting it might be wise to consider an emigration strategy to Europe or South America or Asia.  I say this after reading the New York Times this Sunday morning.

Roger Ailes, the spawn of Rupert Murdoch and Fox News this morning said his first qualification is that he didn't go to the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.  So, the cat is out of the bag.  Roger Ailes doesn't think much of journalism, or education for that matter.  And he is running the most dangerous media organization in the country.  The Columbia Graduate School of Journalism is looked at as the lighthouse for ethics in Journalism. ( I was a student at that school in 1970 by the way as a result of a Ford Foundation Grant.)

Another article by Tom Friedman in the NYT today laments while we try to fix Afghanistan that China is propelling itself into the lead for global domination of new renewable energy sources.  They just signed the biggest solar deal in history in less time than the US Department of Energy takes to review the first stage of an application for a small solar plant in New Mexico.

And the robber barons of the finance and banking industry, as evidenced by Frank Rich's column, say they are okay guys because they give money to charity.  My brother law Dave said people who make $30K a year give money to charity too, they just don't greedily hand out bonuses to themselves with taxpayer money and then tell everyone to butt out.

Anyway, this all points to real problems in this country.  Everything seems to be upside down.  I think they will remain that way as long as people like Roger Ailes are running things and feeding a diet of hate and misinformation to gullible Americans.  Of course, we get what we deserve.

So half seriously, I think the kids might want to look for greener pastures, or at least start planning for when this country is truly a has been.

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