Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Sanity prevailed and the South Valley Voters gave a lopsided vote against incorporation for that area of Bernalillo County.  It would have been a disaster for the taxpayers in the area.  One wonders why this ever got to the ballot. I believe it is because a small group of activists scares and pressures local leaders into reluctantly signing on to such efforts in the name of local control.  Those leaders just wasted $330K of taxpayer money on this election.  Incorporation makes sense in some places for sure, but not in this case.

Bobbi and I went to get our vaccinations this morning for our cruise in South America in March.  If you are traveling to Brazil, which is our entry way to the ship, then you have to get a yellow fever vaccination.  That cost $260.  Our Visas into Brazil will cost close to $500.  Its the little things that get you.  We certainly don't want to get yellow fever, but does Brazil really want Americans to come and spend money in their country?  Not with these kinds of entry costs!

After dumping on Albuquerque Journal Columnist Thomas Cole last week I have to give him a thumbs up for his take on the gun toting tea party crazies in Alamogordo this last weekend.  He pretty much nailed it when he said, "Flashing firearms and fear-mongering on the gun-rights issues aren't effective means for change."

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