Monday, January 18, 2010

Recall Religion?

I contribute to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation which is headquartered in Albuquerque.  They have fought the Christian fundamentalist attempted takeover of our military.  Their story is a good one.  But now they have uncovered an outrageous story which you will find hard to believe.  The contractors on this military contract should recall all of these 'sights' immediately and replace them.  And their contract must be cancelled as soon as practicable.  Read wont believe it.  This kind of thing is why I believe our country is in danger.  Especially after starting to read a book called "The Family" by Jeff Sharlett.

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Dr Tortilla said...

Wonder if these Einsteins ever heard of the Sepoy Rebellion? During the British colonial period in India, a rumor started that new Enfield rifle cartridges, which soldiers had to bite before using, were greased with cow or pig fat. This so offended both Hindu and Muslim troops, who outnumbered their British commanders ten to one, that it sparked a bloody rebellion that took two years to quell.

Far as I'm concerned this latest idiocy is also offensive to Christians in its use of Jesus'name on bullets meant to kill.
Laura Sanchez