Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Send Money

About all I can say today is send relief money for Haiti.  I  gave some to Doctors with out Borders.  This poorest of Nations is really on its back.  We floated by that country on our cruise a few weeks ago.  It certainly is not on any cruise destinations because of the raging poverty there.  I have been watching some video from there and you see all these people with so little already trying to cope.  They really need help.

Meanwhile while these poor people try to endure, America's top bankers are being grilled by the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.  This story of the greedy and rich has been moved to second place in the news hole because of the Haitian tragedy.  The poor suffer publicly and the rich sit in front of a commission saying the financial calamity was like a hurricane.  What bull shit.  Sometimes I think these guys need to be marked on their forehead with a 'G' for greed

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