Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Sixty people died in drug violence this weekend in Juarez, Mexico.  Just 250 miles from where I sit in Albuquerque's north valley.  It is unbelievable this kind of slaughter is the result of Americans wanting to dose themselves into euphoria on any number of drugs.  We are one of the main causes of this warfare because we can't see any sense in the decriminalization of drugs in this country.  Well, we might see sense in it but the judicial and law enforcement complex would see most of their business disappear with legalization.  That is lots of jobs and they are a strong lobby.

My old boss from the mid 1970's, Mayor Harry Kinney, once proposed that Albuquerque build what the media termed a 'drunk park' where hopeless alcoholics could go sleep it off every night.  The media really tarred and feathered him on his idea.  It was just common sense and we could  use more of that right now in this useless war against drugs.  It has never been effective and it will never be effective.  There is just no way for it to succeed and we should recognize it.


New Mexican said...

Mexico needs a Fidel Castro type of leader to clean this up. It would be no uglier than the slaughter there now.

Anonymous said...

You are correct Jim in that we need to legalize numerous illicit drugs. We should start with pot and go from there. It will be an extremely slow process. Medical Marijuan is a good primer to overall legalization. The violence in Mexico is crazy and is definitely an economy killer.