Thursday, August 12, 2010

Changing Your Mind

I can't understand why some politicos can't just admit they were wrong on some issue, admit their mistake and change their minds about it. GOP gubernatorial candidate Susana Martinez has been caught on video in support of school vouchers.  Now that issue is out of vogue and she is denying she ever supported vouchers.  The evidence is overwhelming against her, but she just thinks she doesn't have to admit being wrong about something.  If she did she might seem more human.

Why do her campaign managers think they can get away with this?  Well, they have done it before I am sure and are willing to throw truth out the door in hopes that everyone is a moron.

In the meantime, unless I have missed it, I am waiting for the next shoe to drop on Martinez's no bid sweetheart deal with her employee at the DA's office.  She bought government office supplies from her and it now turns out according to the Santa Fe New Mexican that the employee also got tens of thousands in unscheduled pay raises.

I am also waiting for the Albuquerque Journal to do an editorial on this.  I am pretty sure if Diane Denish had done this there would have been one by now.

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