Monday, August 30, 2010


I am always amazed by politics, even after having been in it for so long.  The one constant in this game in America is that while people usually hate the U.S. Congress, they almost always vote to reelect their representatives.  So, it was good news for me as a Democrat that Congressmen Harry Teague and Martin Heinrich are leading in the Journal poll.  Congressman Lujan from the Northern district is a no brainer to win at this point.  At the same time many Americans  have given a thumbs down on the Congress as a whole.  Maybe a change in leadership would be good and these young members like Heinrich and Lujan should all band together and demand reform.

I was talking with a friend yesterday who thinks that Glen Beck has finally overstepped his popularity by trying to 'lead America back to God'.  This former DJ with a gift for gab in now encroaching onto a another long time con-game.  That would be Christian TV Evangelism and its money sucking machine.  I am sure these TV hucksters will start fighting each other for the faithful's meager cash reserves.

The Albuquerque Journal had a good article on an immigrant family who moved from Arizona to New Mexico because of a fear of deportation by the Arizona pols.  I like to see these kinds of stories because it puts a human face on these people instead of a label.

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