Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hating the Dead

I actually think worrying about Billy the Kid and Geronimo is a waste of time.  Some are doing that in New Mexico a lot right now.  We have descendants of those two historical figures still worried about how history will see them or where their bodies should be buried.

I learned as a grade schooler that Billy the Kid was a criminal and that Geronimo was a great warrior and chief.   Why do folks find it necessary to try and change this stuff that no one would care or think about if not reminded by this silly bickering?  I think all of this is trumped up so the History Channel can do a 30 minute documentary in order to show case 30 minutes of commercials for car insurance and drugs with side effects that would scare the bejesus out of anyone.

We should care more about how history will consider our current leaders on this planet rather than fight over reputations of long dead people.  Lets get a good history written about bush, cheney and the gang right now.  An no Fox news sources allowed.  The same with the Clintons.

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Bunny Terry said...

The first line of that last paragraph is so true - we should stop fighting about the reputations of long dead people and consider instead how current leaders and policy will harm or help future generations. I'm with you. Please take a minute to view my blog at It's a mixture of all things New Mexican, but I've (mostly) left politics alone.