Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have decided that GOP gubernatorial candidate Susana Martinez is really just a heartless human being.  Her big issue now is repealing the medical marijuana law.  Screw the cancer victims who depend on some good cookies or tokes to feel good.  I wonder if Susana has ever seen any one slowly waste from cancer.  Could she actually take away a substance that helps people feel better as the end nears?  Or does Susana just see this as a vote getter and to hell with people's suffering?

This whole thing makes her a hypocrite.  As a republican she hates the federal mandates that come down the line.  Except when it gets her votes.  The feds don't want medical marijuana but the states are passing laws allowing it.  And she sides with the feds.

I was wrong in my first impressions of Martinez.  I thought she might be a moderate when she appeared on the scene.  It turns out she is just a career right wing prosecutor who wants to unbridled power to carry out the wishes of people like Mr. Perry from Houston who gave her $450,000 during the primary.  That is the largest campaign donation in the history of New Mexico.  And she fights pay for play and corruption?   Arghhh!

Update:  A very pissed off republican sent me an email saying Ms. Martinez's parents both suffered from cancer.  So I guess she has seen it.

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It was published that her father had cancer. My mother died of cancer. I would bet that he has tried marijuana to relieve the pain.