Friday, August 06, 2010


The New York Times front page this morning was classic.  Most people may not have noticed the irony.  In the print edition of the NYT there was a dramatic photo of forests burning in Russia as that country experiences its worst heat wave in recorded history.  Under that photo is a story on progress of getting human tissue to rejuvenate itself.  Think about that.  We are striving to renew the  human body while ignoring our small planet's health.  What is the point of renewing ourselves if we won't have a habitable Earth to live on?  I wonder if many U.S. Senators made this connection?  In your dreams!

GOP Gubernatorial candidate Susanna Martinez got a taste of the Journal's tenacity this morning that puts her whole anti corruption persona in doubt.  As District Attorney she gave no bid contracts for office supplies to a friend and employee at the DAs office in Dona Ana County.  She says the deal saved money and red tape.  We will never know since the deal didn't go out to bid.  And, isn't one of the reasons for red tape to keep corruption out of government business transactions?

This is more than a minor disaster for her and it will be interesting to see how she handles it.

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