Monday, August 23, 2010

Admit It

I actually think that Lt. Governor Diane Denish may be scoring some points on constantly pointing out that her opponent Susana Martinez supported school vouchers, until she didn't.  Once again, this isn't an issue that people sit around fretting about, but it is reveals a peculiar trait in many politicians.  That trait is not having the courage to admit you were wrong.  Susana continues to deny she was ever for school vouchers even though there is video of her supporting vouchers very strongly on more than one occasion.

She could defuse this thing by just saying, "you know, after some reflection I have decided these vouchers wouldn't really be good for public schools."  That would end this conversation. But she just can't admit that she has changed her mind and it is hurting her from the standpoint that some undecideds will think there is no strategic thinking going on in her head...just talking points from the extreme right.  Everyone changes their mind many times.  Why not a candidate?

Another thing that now must be admitted is that the editorial cartoonist at the Journal, John Trever, has now totally lost it.  His cartoon on Sunday showing a first amendment tractor riding over a '9-11' victim is just too much for me.  It is an anti NYC mosque cartoon. I used to so respect his wit but he has turned into one more right wing tool on the Journal editorial page.  Just ask your self if he would ever do that same cartoon on the second amendment with that tractor running over the victim of an assault rifle.

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