Wednesday, August 18, 2010


GOP candidates Steve Pearce and Susanna Martinez say they don't think human caused emissions can cause climate change.  These are far right wing political candidates.  They know better than scientists you know.  They love the oil and gas industry you know.  They are funded by the oil and gas industry you know.  They scare the hell out of me you know.

The first joint appearance by the New Mexico gubernatorial candidates will take place tomorrow night when they meet to discuss their positions on education.  This is a worthy issue but one that will get little attention or spike many emotions.  But, since there is a strong lobby, the teachers unions, that want to talk about this issue, that is what will be done.  Once again, it is not an issue that is at the forefront of the voters mind with less than 90 days to election time.  Peoples concerns revolve around the economy and not much else.

I keep waiting for the candidates to get into the real meat of this campaign.  Job creation and a diversified economy are not that hard to talk about.  When will they start suggesting some concrete ideas?  Time is running out.

Blogger Joe Monahan says today that there are murmurings that the state permanent funds, about $14 billion, are beginning to look like a piggy bank to some legislators.  They might want to break into that bank to help fuel the budget shortfalls.  The wisdom of that is debatable, but I believe a constitutional amendment might be needed to do so.  That couldn't be voted on until 2012 and with a little luck we could be on a road to recovery by then.  Better to raid unspent capital improvement monies first.  If that is constitutional.  There are hundreds of millions in stalled projects that could be scrapped.  That money should be put to use in some capacity even if it means just saving some state jobs.  They help fuel the economy too.

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