Monday, August 02, 2010


The Journal, bloggers, and online newspapers are starting to do a decent job of showing where the New Mexico Gubernatorial candidates stand on issues.  This is refreshing.  I  have been critical of the media for doing easy coverage of non issues, like the state airplane status, but I have to be honest that I see some journalistic responsibility emerging too.

In reading the issues articles I suddenly realized that I have never seen any thing written about where the candidates are in agreement on something.  There must be some agreement, somewhere, right?  Or is it possible that the campaign handlers are just to controlling for these two ladies to get together on something publicly?  Perhaps domestic violence issues, or childhood health issues?

I sometimes wonder if there should be a requirement that that two opposing candidates must sit down in a one on one meeting for two hours just to get to know each other.  I think that would often take the edge off the nastiness in the campaigns of this era.  No one else could attend the meeting,  just the candidates.  Not even a fly on the wall.  I would bet that the candidates would come out feeling that their opponent is a human being.

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