Thursday, August 19, 2010

Scary Stuff

I just concluded reading a two novel SciFi series by a new author, Daniel Suarez.  The novels, "Daemon and Freedom", are set in the near future and revolve around an artificial intelligence taking control of the world.  The A.I. was designed by a gazillionaire game programmer to wreak justice on modern society.  (It also kills every spammer it can find...Yeah!)  Its basic premise is that our governments now are really comprised of the corporate powers that fund politics and the media to their own ends.  The corporates field their own private armies.  It is a fascinating read and somewhat realistic in these times.  Maybe I am just getting paranoid as I approach the age of 65.

Especially when one reads a little noticed article that as American troops pull out of Iraq they will be replaced by private 'security services' funded by our government.  A mercenary army that will make big bucks for an unknown corporate presence in America.  This is a really dangerous thing.  Why would a corporation that fields a mercenary army want Peace to break out?  Wouldn't that cut into profits?

The Obama administration needs to think this through a little better.  It is the military industrial complex in spades.

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